Perla dell'Adriatico in Grottammare 2017

Back Summer is usually for most of us a vacation time. It is a time for relaxation, but also a time for exploring new horizons. We are spending it with our family and friends at our favorite destinations. Memories, photos, records of all kinds remain.

One of our records we would like to share with you is the International competition

"Perla dell'Adriatico"

held in Grottammare, Italy (27.5 - 18.6. 2017)
It was a pleasant surprise to learn that Frank received at this competition the
Premio Speciale della Critica
award for his artwork.
We are considering it a great success.

LIFE Exclusive Summer 2017

Another interesting information is that in the prestigious magazine LIFE Exclusive , wich is distributed, apart from Bratislava, to places like Berlin, Budapest, Dubai, Geneva, Moscow, Munich, Prague, St. Petersburg a Vienna , is a large part dedicated to Frank's profile.


TV 213
Artist's portrait - Frank Jalsovsky

Radio & TV Slovakia 2
Family - Time will tell...

The above documentaries were broadcasted in April and June this year. Both received a great response and a positive feedback from the public.

Wishing you a pleasant autumn!

Renka Jalsovska
Discovery Fine Arts